Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC Review – Swinging on to PC

Not much has to be said about Marvel’s Spider-Man that hasn’t already been said before. You can check out our reviews on when the game was originally released as a PS4 exclusive, and our review from when it was remastered for release on PS5. With Sony’s recent push to release more PlayStation Studios games on PC, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was always going to be next in line. Right out of the gate, the PC port for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is phenomenal. We tested the game on two different configurations and it ran wonderfully on both.

What Platforms Will Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed be on?

Destroy All Humans and its sequel, Destroy All Humans 2, were some of the highlights of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox generation of consoles. The wonderfully witty and unique games were such a hit that even 17 years after the first one was released, people are still hoping for a third game to fill out the trilogy. Although rumors of a third game have been heating up in recent years, there’s still no concrete evidence to suggest one is definitely being made. However, that’s where the most recent games in the franchise come in.

Pac-Man live action movie announced by Bandai Namco

Following in the footsteps of Sonic and Mario, Pac-Man is also jumping to the big screen, but in live action form.
It’s a good time for video game properties being adapted into movies and TV shows. With Sonic the Hedgehog raking in money at the box office and Mario preparing to do the same next year, why shouldn’t another of gaming’s most recognizable mascots get in on the action? On Monday, Bandai Namco announced that Wayfarer Studios would begin work on a live-action Pac-Man movie.According to The Hollywood Reporter, there’s no target release window for the proposed Pac-Man.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Xbox Series X

At the end of the Dragon Ball FighterZ competition at Evo 2022–won by Marwan “Wawa” Berthe of France–Bandai Namco announced that Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of the 3v3 team-based fighting game are currently in development.The new versions of DBFZ will add enhanced visuals and faster input detection, while a future update will also bring the highly requested rollback netcode feature to both new-gen consoles and the existing PC version.[#DBFZ]The release of the PlayStation🄬5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of ‘DRAGON BALL FighterZ” with the rollback netcode system implemented has been decided.

Is Dota TV down? How to watch tournament matches inside Dota 2’s client

Almost all major Dota 2 tournaments broadcast their footage on streaming platforms. Twitch and YouTube are often the two preferred platforms, but there’s also a third alternative. Dota TV is an in-game spectating system that allows players to watch professional matches inside the game’s client. When players tune into a match, they’ll do so as if they just started spectating the match of someone from their friends list. The overall graphical quality will be noticeably higher than any stream output and players will still be able to listen to the casters.

Despot’s Game launches September 15

Roguelike tactical auto-battler Despot’s Game will leave Early Access and launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on September 15 for 19.99 / €19.99, publisher tinyBuild and developer Konfa Games announced. Despot’s Game first launched in Early Access for PC via Steam on October 14, 2021.To commemorate the release, Despot’s Game prequel Despostim 3k will be available for free for PC via Steam between August 4 and 7. Players who purchase Despot’s Game before it leaves Early Access on September 15 will also receive the downloadable content ‘Despot’s Game: Challenges’ for no additional charge.

Battlefield’s Next Campaign To Be Helmed By Halo Co-Creator

Well-known publisher Electronic Arts (EA) opened to the public a job posting for a Design Director position, in what they call their ‘Battlefield Seattle Studio.’ Here, it is stated that the team is ‘focused on building rich, exciting stories with memorable characters and powerful experiences all in the Battlefield universe.’ Further on, when explaining the role overview, it’s stated more directly that they would ‘manage the design team and design vision of a new Battlefield campaign.’Though little is known about this Seattle team, back in October of 2021, Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the Halo franchise and Art Director for the original trilogy, tweeted that he would be joining EA as a game director for a new Seattle studio that will work on first-person games.

Can Your PC Run F1 22?

F1 22, the latest installment in EA’s popular racing sim series, puts you behind the wheel of the world’s strongest and fastest speed machines. Real-world F1 cars are engineering marvels, so it’s no surprise that their video game counterparts require a bit of computing muscle to properly capture the sport ‘s spirit. So, check out these specs to see if your gaming PC can enter the race.

Why the F1 22 Hype?

F1 22 has many new features that make this installment potentially one of the most immersive racing games yet.

How much longer can the Nintendo Switch go on?

Source: Rebecca Spear / iMore
Things move through various phases and cycles, whether you’re talking about economies, fashion trends, or video games. As technology advances, game developers find new ways to improve their art form, which isn’t limited to just graphics. Game design has shifted and fallen into various genres, and developers have found ways to make controllers and peripherals innovative and fitting for the games they control.
Nintendo is known for its innovation, taking the world by storm with the Nintendo Switch in 2017, one of the first truly successful hybrid consoles.

Fall Guys update fixes party invites on PS5 and makes the Switch version less of an eyesore

Fall Guys has had some technical hurdles to overcome in its free-to-play debut.
Image: Mediatonic

After going free-to-play less than a week ago, Fall Guys is getting its first major update to fix several technical and visual issues across all platforms. Developer Mediatonic issued the update early this morning, which corrects some glaring issues — including that players using the PlayStation 5 version were not able to send or receive party invites from friends on other platforms like Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch.